Online Video Platform

Distribute your video content with YouPlay, PMG Technology’s proprietary online video platform (OVP). YouPlay was developed for:

  • Content providers who are looking for a way to distribute their video content to a large network of premium websites.
  • Publishers who want to work with video content, either their own or from a third-party.

YouPlay provides the perfect solution out-of-the-box. The YouPlay online video platform consists of the following components (see below for a comprehensive overview):

  • YouPlay Video Managment System (VMS), the core of the system where video content is uploaded, transcoded into desired formats, and managed (through control of content distribution, playlists etc )
  • YouPlay Video Player formats, featuring a number of innovative HTML5 players, ranging from simple single video players to complete video websites. All players are VAST compliant, feature standard video control and extensive social share functions.
  • YouPlay Display formats, a number of innovative display formats that promote video content dynamically based on customized rules.
  • YouPlay APIs, enabling the integration with native iOS, Android, Windows and Connected TV applications.




YouPlay utilizes the world’s leading video technology firms for transcoding and content delivery – for maximum performance, stability and compatibility.

Monetise your video content

YouPlay video players support IABs VAST 2.0 & VAST 3.0 standards, and are therefore ready to plug in any VAST-compliant ad server, such as ad10.


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