PMG Technology’s ad server and online video platform are build on the latest and leading technology platforms.

  • Infrastructure – Our technical infrastructure is completely cloud-based, and we are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for most of our technical infrastructure.
  • Streaming – We work with the world’s leading streaming provider, Akamai, to provide the fastest and best quality streaming experience that is available on the market.
  • Video player – Both our in-banner video ad formats and our online video platform run on a custom-build HTML5 video player, which is based on video.js.


Since our systems are business-critical for all of our customers, we have a strong focus on the systems’ performance and reliability.

  • Performance – The response time of our servers and delivery times of our editorial and advertising content are crucial performance metrics. If traffic spikes, our auto-scaling services automatically add additional servers and make sure that performance is not suffering.
  • Reliability – All critical data is stored, and all critical processes run on multiple servers in different data centers. We use a number of monitoring services in order to make sure that servers and processes are up and running. And while we guarantee an up-time of 99,6%, in reality we as close to 100% as you can get.


If you want to learn more about our technology, please contact Marc Schäfer at